Modifying Brackeys' dialogue system for questions/different dialogue "paths"?

Hello! I followed this tutorial:

And have made my own modifications to it (But none that necessarily change it majorly from the tutorial itself, it functions roughly the same.)

But I’m stuck on trying to figure out how to implement a way to add the ability to answer yes or no to certain dialogue.

I’ve brainstormed several things but can’t… quite “get it” in a sense.

Adding a mark for when a dialogue contains a question, and then locking the camera but unlocking the mouse so the player can click yes or no, or use Y or N to answer in some way. The shortcoming with this is how would I make it display the proper dialogue for the yes or no answer, and more than one sentence and whatnot.

Doing the above, but having UI buttons popup and when clicked uses DialogueTrigger again to display its respective question answer. The issue with this is how would I let it know which dialogue to trigger based on character or even object.

doing something complex like adding the question answers to the same dialoguetrigger, but have it jump to a specific sentence and continue from there. This seems like the possibly best and easiest option, but I’m unsure of how I’d implement this, and jump to certain parts of the sentence queue. I can think of ways to block dialogue 2 (the question, in this scenario) from continuing to 3 if 3 is for something else by simply using a boolean to say if the question was answered, but thats its own giant mess too…

When i started a Visual Novel, i make a system of marks, a # would mean to create X buttons with a custom int, meaning the answers(to split meaning i used | too). I have the code, but it is in spanish