Modifying Json file values

I am making a simple character customization element for my game, and I made a Json database for the items.

[ { "id": 1, "name": "hat", "key": "Hat01", "price": 10, "available": false }, { "id": 2, "name": "hat2", "key": "Hat02", "price": 80, "available": false },

I can pull out the data and put it into a shop screen, but when the player buys an item, I would like to change the “available” variable to be true and save it so everytime I pull information from Json, that hat is available.
How can I achieve this? Something to overwrite just one line of the Json file.

Thank you in advance.

you dont edit json files. you store data as json, and then read it into data structures. if youre trying to edit a json file then stop. Javascript object notation is for storage and transfer, not manipulation when in a proper OO environment. maybe web coders do that, but full OO coding should deserialize a JSON string into a data structure for manipulation.

when you’ve made a data structure that holds that object, then its easy. which I’ll assume is called dataset and represents a list holding stockItem

then you could do something like

 // assuming you have access to use System.Linq for the funky list and find; becusae, you should, its great
   List <stockItem> stock = new List<stockItem>();
   // deserialize your json into that list and then manipulate
   stockItem item = stock.find(x => == "1");
   item.available = false;

and then serialize that back to a file

Thank you, I figured it out, I replaced the whole json text instead of only one line, thus updating the information.
Here is the code for anyone interested:

 string json;
            json = ("[");
            for (int i = 0; i < itemData.Count; i++)
                NewitemData = JsonMapper.ToJson(itemData*);*

if(i== itemData.Count-1)
json = (json + NewitemData.ToString());
json = (json + NewitemData.ToString()+ “,”);
json = (json + “]”);

File.WriteAllText(Application.dataPath + “/Resources/Items.json”, json);

This works if you want to turn lists into json format.