Modular Dungeon Catacombs

Welcome to the new thread for the Modular Dungeon Catacombs project!
PBR with amplify shaders

The old thread had a permanent bug so this resulted in the creation of this new thread.

Exterior WIP: (The trees have branch bending, leaf wind, and color variation)




This level is getting closer to being finished.


More wips



New weed plants and some lighting test.



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I'm finished making my own vegetation shaders. It's fairly basic but it works on the terrain. Doesn't work with wind yet but the trees have basic trunk and branch bending, custom normals, coloring variation including billboards and vertex ao at least. Cheap and fast, defered shading with fake translucency.

(Terrain grass example underneath)

Posting a few more images.



Wips 2


I'm going to be releasing this asset this month!

Modular Dungeon Catacombs - Mobile is now live on the store!

Whoever bought my old pack can now benefit from a paid upgrade!
(HDRP and URP are coming soon, a matter of days to a week so wait for it!)

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I'm very excited about this - will definitely check it out when URP is supported.
Since it's PBR I wonder if I should just go for the mobile version even though my game is for PC, since I'm making an "isometric" game.

[quote=“Jesper-Nielsen”, post:10, topic: 861885]
I’m very excited about this - will definitely check it out when URP is supported.
Since it’s PBR I wonder if I should just go for the mobile version even though my game is for PC, since I’m making an “isometric” game.
I’m working on the conversion these days, pretty soon it’s going to be online. You can use it for PC of course, I only branded it with “mobile” because it’s low poly and well optimized but it supports all platforms. I also think it should work fine for isometric games.

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In other news, I finished getting ready the URP version and HDRP is on the way. I'll just need a day or two of testing after I finish then I can update the pack.

HDRP conversion has been giving me a few curve balls so it's taking longer than usual but I'm getting there.

Finally finished HDRP and URP conversion. The next step is to make a few tests in a couple of different versions of Unity for a day or two, then I'll be uploading the update.

Just submitted an update, now this pack supports URP and HDRP. Supported versions: 2020.1.3f1 up and 2021.2.3f1 up. It should be online in a few minutes to hours.

Just made a new video of my finished pack. All done in real-time with no baking in HDRP. Also used the simple SSGI in the post-processing, it's amazing!

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I just realized that uploading with a Unity long-time support version is ideal and does not break in the new version. Upload with 2020.3 (LTS) coming soon!

Just updated with the LTS version, should be on the store soon!

PS - 2021 LTS is out now too, it never ends :)
For my current project I think this is the last Unity version I will upgrade to - URP shaders from different sources always break whenever I do. Hopefully URP is in a more stable state now.
I noticed some vegetation seems similar to Rocky Hills - is there some overlap there?

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