monetize a Youtube channel if showing Unity in videos ?

Hi everyone,

I would like to create a channel focused on video game making, and i am only using Unity
My question is simple: is it allowed to monetize these vidéos ?

If yes => do I need to ask for it officially ? Which contact adress should i use to do this ?

If not => what are the limits? Am I allowed to record the production phases but hiding most of the interface?

Thank you.

ps: sorry for my english it isn’t my mother tongue.

I do not think that limit like this exist at all, if u google “Tutorial” in YouTube, u’ll find millions of tuts on Adobe programs, Maxon soft, Unity and Unreal, and of course on all of them u can find ads.

U are promoting Unity by making videos, unity even support channels like Brackeys
for example. So there has to be no problem.

My answer is only my opinion, before gamedev i had a channel with 50 000+ subs and was making guides to games and programs and never had problems with monetization.