Monetizing Unity game (Android)

Hello everybody,

I just finished a game and I want to integrate Ads in it, I made some research and Admob, HeyZap and Airpush were the most reveleant. Which Ad network can you advise me ? And how to integrate it in my game ?

Thank you.

I don’t have experience with ads in mobile games, but I heard a lot of people that Admob is really great :wink:

HeyZap now has mediation, meaning they can show their own and other networks as well. They include AdMob, AdColony, Chartboost, AppLovin, Vungle and UnityAds.

You can pick which ad companies you want them to show.

Most of them also offer the option of picking whether you want Interstial Ads, Video Ads or Rewarded/Incentivized Ads.

Well, personally, if you want full screen (interstitial ads) use UnityAds. If you want banner ads, then I would suggest AdMob.