Monitor what is causing Physics.Processing?

Hi there. Just doing some optimizations on my scene at the minute, and I am noticing that 9.5% of the CPU is going into physics.processing. I don’t actually have any colliders, cloth, rigidbodies, etc in the scene to my knowledge- is there a way of monitoring for collisions that are ongoing, or otherwise filtering the scene to show what is causing it?

edit: I just noticed the physics profiler- it is registering 0 active and sleeping rigidbodies, 0 contacts, 0 static colliders and 0 dynamic colliders.

i read somewhere that nvidia physx favors nvidia driver and actively delays execution of its program on non nvidia based gfx cards, causeing this “bug”

i got the same spikes, using ati/radeon.

i just started a level and gradually deleted all objects and the spikes where persistent even without any active rigidbody!

so we got issue,… gamebreaking issue!

if you are using 2018.3.0f1 then this causing problem