Mono and Boo can't build

I set my default editor to mono which is installed with the unity package (On mac).

If I write a script in C# all works fine and I get all the erros for typing and missmatches etc. if I click on build.

But if I write a script in Boo and just write jiberisch, which should give me compile erros, I get a build successful if I build it in the mono editor.

If I then click on play inside unity, the unity compiler gives me correctly all the compile errors.

Is there no possibility to compile boo scripts with mono develop directly? (As it is with C#) Do I always have to go back to unity and press the play button to see if I coded correctly?

If anyone could help me set up the mono environment that the build works correctly I would be very happy :slight_smile:

I think monodevelop can compile C# because mono is made for C#. I just tested it and I cannot compile JavaScript or boo using MonoDevelop.

When I right click on the file I noticed that the ‘quick action’ defaults to ‘nothing’ whereas for C# script it is on ‘compile’. I changed a javascript file to ‘compile’ and it attempted to compile as C#.