Mono '.config' XML on Mac Os Universal Binaries.


Mono uses some xml configuration files as seen in this page:

In Windows, those files stand next to the executable and share it's name as in (\MyApp.exe - \MyApp.exe.config).

Where should I put those when building for Mac and what should I call the file?



The problem here is that I'm using some Native libraries and they don't have the same names for Mac and PC.

The wrapper I built uses the PC names in the DLLImport, so when I try it on Mac it does not find the libraries cause their names differ. Using the '.config' file would help me because I could make it look for a different name based on with platform it's running on.

Check the links in the comment.

The mono embedded in Unity doens't read that file. It does have a configuration file somewhere in the data folder. (look for something like etc/mono/2.0/config). Maybe we could be more helpful if you can describe in a bit more detail the problem you're trying to solve.