mono develop debugging stops on lines without breakpoints

I am trying to debug an issue with my game using mono develop and the unity editor. I am having problems b/c every time I run my game the debugger keeps breaking on the same line even though there is no breakpoint set. To my recollection, i never even set a breakpoint on that line. Any ideas why this would be happening? There is no error at this line and hitting ‘command + enter’ moves past it, only to get hit again in the next frame.

Any help would most appreciated! thanks in advance.

Happens occasionally - use the menu option to clear all breakpoints and it should stop happening.

Similar problem occured to me. After attaching the monodevelop debugger to Unity, an hit Play, the debugger stopped at different places at unity code, not in my code.

The problem seemed with some behind the curtain compiler optimalizations.
If I set the breakpoint inside a while(true) statement with a break; inside the loop, the debugger stopped somewhere else.
If I set the breakpoint to some other line before the while(true) statement, all went well.