Mono Runtimes Not Detected After Install

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Unity 3.5 multiple times but after installing and launching MD (installed with Unity 3.5) there is only .NET runtimes listed in Preferences->.NET Runtimes… even if I go and try to manually add and point to C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor\Data\Mono it gives and error dlg saying Mono runtime not found …please provide a valid directory prefix where moono is installed. I should’n’t have to manually install Mono runtimes separately should I?

alt text

You shouldn’t have to do anything to MD after installing Unity. I have never gone anywhere near that Preference. What problem are you trying to solve? I can imagine that that preference is needed if you are using MonoDevelop independently of Unity, so instead of VisualStudio if you are doing c# development.

Yeah it sounds like registry debris. Did you try using the Unity/MonoDevelop/bin folder instead of the Unity/Editor/Data/Mono folder? Also, try system rollback (restore to old checkpoint)?