Mono.Simd not working properly

In my previous question (How to use Mono.Simd? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions), I’ve asked how I could use Mono.Simd in my project. I got that sort of working right now (I did that by taking “mono.simd.dll” and putting it in my assets in the project). And now I can create vector, which seems to use SSE/SIMD to improve speed (since multiplying a bunch of Vector4f’s with each other is significantly faster than just multiplying 4 floats). The only problem is that only half of the things are working, I can use *, -, + and / to do basic operations on vectors, however I can’t use any function, such as Sqrt(), InvSqrt(), or Reciprocal() for example (see the Mono.simd-documentation mono - Mono Documentation).

For example:

Vector4f V1 = new Vector4f(0.5f,0.8f,1.6f,38.5f); //Create a vector
V1.Sqrt(); //Take the squareroot of this vector
UnityEngine.Debug.Log(V1); //Show results

Just outputs <0.5, 0.8, 1.6, 38.5>

It doesn’t matter what function I take or with what vectors I try it with (Vector2d, Vector4f, Vector4i, Vector 8s and so forth), I always get the exact same numbers I put in the vector to begin with (but, as mentioned, *-+ and / do work as they’re supposed to work). Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong here (BTW, my computerchip handles SSE up and till 4, so that’s not the problem)?

Fixed it, turned out the correct syntax was “Vector1 = Vector1.Sqrt()” after all. Pretty sure I’ve tried that at least a hundred times yesterday, but I guessed I overlooked something since it was late.