monobeh. event registered in new way - time to doom magic method!

Ofc unity cannot doom it completely due to backward compatibility issue. However Unity please consider duplicate all ‘magic’ (and bad) event but in proper way now. i think it gain benefit in long term because new way will be standard more and more in time and when unity ship 6 or 7version then easily delete old method without much worrying on compatibility.

I hope this is posssible. Otherwise… i can live with it but dont like it

I don't understand what your concerns are. None of the magic methods disappeared in Unity 4.6 and that is also not the case for Unity 5.

I know and im not concerned in disappear im concerned on code design - now we must mess code with two design - interface driven event (like ipointerclick) and magic method driven event like onenable. We havent alternative way for last case - on this im concern

The influence regarding the code design is not that dramatic. I even prefer it that it is not necessary to change all the code at once, but now I can get an understanding of how it is supposed to work in the future.

i know and that why i added last sentence.