Monodevelop autocomplete on private variables

Hello, monodevelop is driving me crazy :frowning:

Is there any way to turn on autocomplete for private variables? (UnityScript)

or can you suggest any alternative good editor? i have tried sublime text unity plugins but im not satisfied with it :frowning:

A lot of IDE’s don’t show you private parts for object oriented languages in contexts where you can’t access them (outside the class they’re declared in for example) - In VS C++ however, intellisence shows you private parts too - But not in C#. I think MonoDev follows the same philosophy.

You might think it makes sense to show private parts too, after all they’re members right?

But not when it comes to object oriented languages, where data hiding and encapsulation plays a big role - after all, what’s the purpose of making something private? is to keep it away hidden from the consumer - he doesn’t have to know about it - it’s for you the class programmer not for the user :slight_smile: