Monodevelop can't find references in Unity 5.3 (C#)

Hello, Since I updated in 5.3.5f1 Monodevelop can’t see the Unity references as you can see:

The references seems to be in monodevelop as I highlighted in the screenshot.

I tried to reinstall 2 times but that didn’t work.
Monodevelop built in is selected in Unity preferences.
I tried to manually add Monodevelop in preferences with no luck either.

Also my game works fine, no bug reported in Unity, it’s just in Monodevelop.

Any thoughts?

Hey, this won’t be very helpful but you can try to work with visual studio instead, that may work. An other solution is to make a backup and try to remove the .csproj and .sln files in your project root. That will force unity to re create them, and may fix it. Hope that work :slight_smile: