Monodevelop Comment Folding

I’m having a major problem with Monodevelop (and every other IDE that integrates with Unity I’ve tried). I get code folding for functions, but even with the “Fold comments by default” ticker clicked in the options, I can’t fold any comments.

All I want to do is fold the commented areas of my code so I can navigate through the areas I don’t immediately need to see at the moment while following along tutorials.

I know Monodevelop is capable of folding comments because I’ve seen it happen in the tutorials I’m watching and it clearly states in the release notes that it’s a feature since version 2.4 (I’m using 2.8.2)

I’m running on Windows 7 x64 Home Premium.

Is there anyone who has experienced this problem themselves and found a solution or anyone by chance with a suggestion on how to remedy the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Are you writing in JS? It appears that MonoDevelop does not support code folding for JS, though this could be fixed in the newer version of MD that is installed with Unity 3.5 (I believe it’s 2.8.2). I can work with folding in C#, but it’s not as friendly as in Visual Studio, for comparison. Try Ctrl+Shift+A.