Monodevelop crash my PC

Never had this problem before, but it now happen everytime.

When I open Monodevelop, the PC crashed and went Blue Screen.
I got this log


Technical information

*** STOP: 0x000000D1
(0x00000000420C0034, 0x0000000000000002,
0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFF88001E794C5)

*** tdx.sys - Address FFFFF88001E794C5 base at
FFFFF88001E63000, Date Stamp 4ce79332

I tried creating a fresh new project.
I tried uninstall->reinstall Unity.
Cleared up my registry with SpeedyPC Pro.
None of them work.

Eclipse didn’t work.
Notepad++ work though,
but I don’t like it and would prefer Monodevelop instead.

After reinstall, I notice that Unity still remember what my last open file and preferences are, how can I reset or delete this so that it will be a new fresh install?

3Days of working and nothing get solved.
Tried updating drivers,
uninstall and deleted Unity at its root folder,
as well as those in user root folder.

One thing I found out is that open Monodevelop by itself won’t cause it.
But my PC will crash as soon as it try to link with Unity project.

Last straw, nothing worked.

I couldn’t set up notepad++ to work properly so I tried UniSciTE instead and found that it work much better for me.

It’s very likely that this is an issue with your drivers and/or hardware, and not with Unity specifically.

A quick look around these search results might be informative. Common suggestions:

  • Make sure that your copy of Windows is fully updated.
  • Make sure that your hardware drivers are updated, too, especially graphics and networking.
  • Have you recently installed any new hardware? It might be faulty.
  • You might try running a memory test, such as Memtest86+
  • You might also want to check on hard drive, graphics, and networking hardware

You should check your Windows event log to see if there may be any helpful information about the failing driver.

Finally have it solved,
Reinstall Window.