MonoDevelop crashes on start up

I didn’t touch unity for about a week. Now I try to open my script from the monodevelop and this happens:

If I try double click any script (so that the monodevelop auto-launches) the process starts (i can see it in task manager) but it never really opens. Clicking “sync” option on the script, also gives me the same result.

If I try and open Monodevelop from the .exe i get this error

[ MonoDevelop failed to start. The following error has been reported: Invalid action command id: MonoDevelop.Debugger.DebugCommands.AttachToProcess ]


Any idea what is wrong ?

Sometimes errors happen, i suggest if you need to resolve quickly (Not so much quickly) to redownload another version of unity or the same. Remember that you can change the programming program in the options.
You can try too create a new Project, you now, sometimes have so many information that programs crash with normal things. It’s the life.