MonoDevelop does not come up as top window when doubleclick error in Unity

…it does come up as expected on first time, but fails thereafter.

1 Double clicking and error message does not cause the MonoDevelop
editor window to come to (top). The task bar button must be
clicked each time to bring up the editor window on top and in focus.

2 Another Kludge that surfaced since MonoDevelop has become the de-facto code tool
Pressing the Play button no longer starts the app automatically,
it instead goes on pause, requiring an extra click(on the Pause button) each time the Play button is pressed to start a test run.

  • UnityEditor-Edit-Preferences-External Editor →
    Built-in Editor(MonoDevelop) 2.4 version that came with the 3.4.0fx update.

  • MonoDevelop-Tools-Preferences-Debugger-Preferred Debugger → Unity Debugger

Can someone explain what I am missing?
WIN 7, latest Unity(free) version.

2 out of 3 resolved…

First statement in original question:
…could not get a consistent result on line above, thus disregard.

Point (2) in roginal question:
Had made many revision to code, and had pending harmless errors in a long log with true errors mixed-in, thought I took care of them all, but some remained… once error-free, no more problem.

(1) remains… assuming this is the way it works.