Monodevelop does not recognize iTween

After importing iTween to Unity and putting the iTween script into the plugins directory, I created a script to move an object, but Monodevelop does not have any code hinting for iTween, it is not recognizing the package.

What do I need to do in order to get that?

I have some similar issues. I am using UnityScript and get some errors regarding iTween when compiling inside MonoDevelop. However my code runs fine inside Unity Editor. If I am not wrong (from what I read on the web), UnityScript was not totally supported inside Monodevelop. Is it still the case ? I am not sure but that might explain our issues.

Thanks a lot. I noticed something strange. I closed and reopened Monodevelop and then the errors disappeared. I am confused. Considering that I have experience with languages like C++ and Java, I will probably use C# in the future. It does not seem that much difficult to use C#.