Monodevelop doesn't launch Unity

I have Windows XP SP3.
I upgraded Unity to version 3.4 after i upgraded I linked up monodevelop in unity preferences and also set the debugger in Monodevelop to unity and synced my project.

But when I press the debug butten or F5 in Monodevelop nothing happends.

It worked ok with the old version of unity I think it was 3.2 or something like that.

This form of debugging is long deprecated.

Since 3.3 you actually were meant (and should favor) the real way of debugging by using Run - Attach to Process (or clicking the “plug” icon to plug it into a process :))

that way you can work with the normal unity instance not one thats monodev startup garbaged

Just to mention: this also works for standalone or mobile builds, given you built them as development, activated for debugging