MonoDevelop Error

When I try to open up monodevelop to edit scripts from within unity I get this error:

Load operation failed. Access to the
is denied.

Anyone have an idea of what is wrong?

I’m guessing the lack of backslashes is the site removing them.

The first thing that comes to mind is that it’s trying to access a specific user directory. Have you changed users recently or something like that? Worse case, you should be able to launch monodevelop as an administrator, which should remove that problem.

Same thing happened to me. Finally figured out how to solve it. I went into the MonoDevelop-Unity folder where the .recently-used file is supposed to be. The trick is it’s a hidden file (at least in Windows 7), so you might see not see that file. Change your folder settings to view hidden files, then delete the file. Then close Unity, and reopen Unity and try MonoDevelop again. It worked for me to do this.