monodevelop formatting policy to allow single-line 'if' statemetns?

So my coding standard is like so:

// 1.  OK:
if (condition){

// 2. OK    
if (condition) doSomething();

//3.  NOT OK:    
if (condition)

however, monodevelop’s Format Document takes the #2 single-line statements and converts them to #3 NOT OK. Anyone know of a policy setting that will leave them on the same line? I can’t seem to find anything. I did find a setting to always insert braces and convert #2 to #1.

I think it’s something like #2 and #3 are possible in C# (i use them) but NOT in JS (i haven’t coded in JS for a looong time so it’s only a remembering from nowhere).

But #2 and #3 will only work if you do one action, if you want to several things you NEED curly braces !

In Monodevelop go to Tools->Options->Text Editor>CodeTemplates and there you can edit or add your own code templates