Monodevelop freezes opening js files after creating new project

When I create a new project Monodevelop can no longer open js files (freeze shortly after startup). It opens them in older projects and it can also open c# files just fine. I tried updating Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 as recommended by some users but I already had the latest version. Anyone had similar issues regarding Javascript ? Any maintenance to monodevelop I should be doing ? I am using unity 5.3.3f1 (64-bit)

I’m not used to the c# syntax so any help would be appreciated,

Thank you.

P.S. First time here, please let me know how I can make my questions clearer

Monodevelop is very buggy. When I used it I had so many issues with random crashes or it just not starting. Most of the time copy and paste wouldn’t work. Just use Visual Studio, it is more reliable.