MonoDevelop Intellisense (C#) not showing external DLL's XML doc


I'm using MonoDevelop 2.4 for Unity (with C#). But I'm having an issue with code comments in external DLLs and intellisense.

I correctly wrote all comments in my DLL, and generated the relative XML documentation when compiling. I then placed both the DLL and its XML doc in the same folder. The problem is: intellisense doesn't shows the XML doc comments for my DLL classes (while correctly showing them for the other non-assembly classes). What am I doing wrong?

Thanks & a nice day :)


In MD 2.4.x, the documentation summaries are cached in the code completion cache files. The code completion cache for compiled libraries is only updated when the actual dll is updated, and not if you only change the xml.

Code completion cache "pidb" files for projects can be found in the project directory but code completion caches for libraries are kept elsewhere. In Unity's version of MD 2.4.x on Mac, they're in `~/.config/MonoDevelop-Unity/CodeCompletionData`, and on Windows they're in `AppData\MonoDevelop-Unity\CodeCompletionData`.

Solved it.

I had tried restarting MonoDevelop to no avail. Instead, after a system restart, intellisense perfectly shows my DLL's documentation. Strange, but at least now it works :P

I suppose it has to do with MonoDevelop's cache: will look further into it. Maybe also using "Build > Clean All" (from MonoDevelop's menu) would've worked?