MonoDevelop Loads Really Slow on Mac

I have a MacBook Pro 2012 version with the fastest i7 Processor, 16GB and RAM and 512GB SSD. I don’t say that to show off, just so you know that my Mac is not slow.

I have a unity project that has hundreds of files both scripts and libraries I am importing from a desktop project. Nothing super fancy, just a lot of classes and files.

When I open a script in Unity it opens MonoDevelop, but it takes almost 1 minute. I have timed it and it is between 45 seconds and 63 seconds.

This occurs both the first time I double click a script after opening the project in Unity and any time I change any files (add, delete, rename) in the project in the Unity Editor.

I have seen other posting and nothing suggested helps.

The exact same project on a basic Windows computer takes about 5 seconds to open MonoDevelop when clicking on a script in the same circumstances. Please don’t suggest that I just use Windows because I am building this app for iOS and must use a Mac to develop the iOS stuff and compatibility.

I have a full Pro license with all the Pro add ons.

Can someone help me understand what is going on and if there is a way to speed it up?

Do you have a GIT repository or other version control attached to this project? MonoDevelop that ships with U4 is a pig when it comes to its integrated version control taking FOREVER to start.