Monodevelop Net Framework 4 change error

How do I change MonoDevelop to Net Framework 4 I can locate it at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework.NETFramework\v4.0 but then what it keeps giving me an error: Mono runtime not found, please provide a valid directory prefix where mono is installed for example: /usr

Ahh, right. MonoDevelop and Unity don’t quite agree on a .NET spec. It’s annoying. I usually just edit in MonoDevelop and compile in Unity to avoid dealing with it, but that’s not necessarily the best solution.

The most common way this comes up is with default function arguments, which is exactly the case here.

Thanks for clarifying what you’re trying to do. For anyone else who stumbles across this thread, here’s a link that should clear things up a bit.

Anyway, here’s how to change the setting:

  • Open MonoDevelop
  • In the solution browser, find “Assembly-CSharp”
  • Right click the assembly, find “Options” (near the botton)
  • Open the options menu, find Build > General
  • Here, you should find a “target framework” option, as in the screenshot you saw before

You can repeat this option for each assembly in the project, but you probably don’t need to unless you have errors.

Logged in Just To Say Thanx.u Legend :stuck_out_tongue:

I have since moved to Script Inspector 3 | Visual Scripting | Unity Asset Store Script inspector… saves times

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every time I go in build, everything is white and nothing appears!!

IntelliSense is working now ty! It is linked to the .NET version I assume?