Monodevelop problems with curly braces

Hi there,

I finally switched from Monoscite to Monodevelop. I've always been content with Monoscite but after I had found out that Monodevelop offers code completion I just couldn't resist. There's one problem : Monodevelop does not accept CTRL + ALT + 7 to write { instead I have to use ALT R + 7 . It took me a while to realize this as I was used to write the "right meanings" of the buttons on my keyboard with CTRL+ALT+BUTTON. Examples are: | { [ ] } \ ~ @ ..... How can I make Monodevelop work as the other text editing programs ? Certainly this is not really important but it's made me use boo instead of c# for the last few scripts I've written

Here is the solution:
Download and install AutoHotkey: AutoHotkey Downloads

After installation, run it and AutoHotkey will ask you if it should open the default script file - say yes. (Can also be done later by right-clicking on the AutoHotkey tray symbol and klicking “Edit This Script”)

In the script, paste the following:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class gdkWindowToplevel

Send {RAlt down}{7}{RAlt up}

Send {RAlt down}{8}{RAlt up}

Send {RAlt down}{9}{RAlt up}

Send {RAlt down}{0}{RAlt up}

Send {RAlt down}{ß}{RAlt up}

Tell AutoHotkey to “Reload This Script” (right-klick on tray symbol) and that’s it.
This fixes it for all GDK windows, by the way.

Please note: The last command ^!ß is specific to a german keyboard layout and means pressing Control + Alt + the character ‘ß’ (That’s how the backslash is written on a keyboard with german layout). So if you are using any other keyboard layout, just change it accordingly.