Monodevelop resets formatting preferences

I used to use Visual Studio Express to develop my Unity code, but with 4.3 that includes Monodevelop 4 I decided to give it a chance, and so far it’s pretty good.

The problem is that it doesn’t seem to keep my preferences… I change the code format settings in Tools → Preferences → Source Code → Code Formatting → C# source code. I change the policy to Custom, and then in the C# format tab I edit the policy and change bracer and whitespace settings. It works fine for a while, but then every once in a while it resets back to the default. I haven’t been able to figure out when/why it happens, but it’s pretty annoying. The color scheme on the other side is saved correctly and doesn’t reset.

Any ideas?

It might be that the policy is not being applied to the whole project. Try creating a custom policy in Tools > Custom Policies, and then apply it through Project > Apply Policy.


Project policy settings can inherit from the Solution policy, so it might be possible that things are being overwritten. Try setting the policy on the solution as well, in Project > Solution Options > Source Code > Code Formatting > C# source code.