Monodevelop shows only 1st method signature as tooltip

When I type in a method name including the first bracket, say “animation.Rewind(”, Monodevelop shows a tooltip with the different method signatures for that method.

This tooltip shows me only the first signature (e. g. animation.Rewind()). It shows me two small buttons (arrows) for up and down to switch to the other possible signatures of the “Rewind” method (in this case, there are two options).

Unfortunately, those buttons do not seem to work. Nothing happens when I click on them. As a result, I can only see the first signature. Monodevelop doesn’t switch to the other signatures of any method. This is very annoying, because I have to look up other signatures on the web.

Is there a solution for this problem? Is it a known problem?

Thanks for any help on this subject!!!

You have to press “Down Arrow” or “Up Arrow” to go trough the different signatures.

Hope it works!