MonoDevelop slowed down my project's start time?

I usually use Unitron, but I thought I’d try MonoDevelop with the Debugger. I understand it slows down the start of execution of the program. Anyway, I didn’t like it and went back to Unitron, but now just running direct from Unity there is a big freeze with spinning beach ball before the app runs. I haven’t changed the code at all, so I’m guessing there’s something left over from syncing with MonoDevelop for debugging. Is there a way to expunge all that?

Did you potentially update Unity? or potentially forget to close past stuff? That could explain it given you restarted to ensure you don’t have garbage side impacting it.

Also when you do debugging with MonoDevelop (on unity 3.2+), don’t click “run” there. Instead start unity on its own and then use the “attach to process” functionality in the run menu to attach to the running application, that way unity does not run itself in debug mode which makes a major difference. that way you can also debug “development builds” where you enabled the remote debugger option, which is commonly what you really want to debug on as the editor hides various issues related to timing completely.