Monodevelop throws error when opening JS files

Hello everyone,

When I try to open a JS file from Unity, Monodevelop gives the following error:

The file ‘C:\Users\Michael\Documents\example.js’ could not be opened. The type initializer for ‘Boo.Lang.Compiler.TypeSystem.Types’ threw an exception.

and fails to open. C# works just fine, and Unity is completely up to date with version 4.5.5f1

Any help would be much appreciated, I can’t work on many of the scripts I have. Thank you.


I am fixing this by going to Edit > Preferences > External Tools. In the External Script Editor i go to “Browse” and find some MonoDevelop, from another version of Unity. I was using the one from Unity 3.5 up-to now, but now i started using the one from 4.6… Sometimes it makes problems again, but when i switch between the build in and the external it get’s okay…

I don’t know what this problem is about, but it was pretty weird, when none of my scripts were able to open without any reason…

I managed to solve this by installing .net framework version 4.5.

Here is the download link: