Monodevelop/Windows 8-Mouse acting a damn fool.

Hey Everybody,

I’ve been googling on and off for about a week now on this, it’s driving me nuts and really slowing down my work.

While using monodevelop, my mouse cursor will often not change from I (typing type cursor) to pointing arrow type cursor. Not too big a deal. The real problem is I am unable to scroll using the mouse wheel. I have to mouse over to the scroll bar and click on the scroll buttons or bar.

Anyone else have this problem? The closest thing I seem to be able to find is cursor issues on mac. I’m using the latest release of unity (4.1.5) and monodevelop (2.8.2).


Same here.


Open MonoDevelop directly via a shortcut or its executable file stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\MonoDevelop.

I just started having this problem recently when I open up MonoDevelop via double-clicking a script in Unity’s project view. I’m on a Windows 8 machine as well.