MonoDevelop Won't Compile. Unity 4.2

I was using Unity 3.4, made a ton of ground, and decided to upgrade. Every time I have tried previously, MonoDevelop has some sort of weird bug. This time, MonoDevelop wont Compile, at all. It has nothing in the game, but it will not compile. Also, A batch file from the MonoDevelop/Bin comes up and then goes away, which is unusual in my experience. I could use a little help.

Embarrassingly, I turned of my computer yesterday because I was slightly discouraged. But I turn it on and everything works fine. I was wondering why nobody has had this issue. Hopefully no more issues! Knocks on Wood.

I had this issue too, but was solved when syncing the project with MonoDevelop. I found out (and my college too) that syncronization is somehow weird in 4.2.
Some days I need to sync my project twice (through the complete day) but works then.