MonoDevelops on the fly code formatting off

In the options for the Text editor in MonoDevelop ( 4.0.1 or previous ) the option for “Enable on the fly code formatting” is permanently disabled. This is one of my favorite things about visual studio and would love to have this on if possible. Is there some way I can enable this or what?

For those that don’t know where it is located:

MonoDevelop → Tools → Options → Text Editor → Behavior → “Enable on the fly formatting”

Not the best answer, but if you edit the settings of mono develop in the config files, you can find out you can turn it on. But unitys version of mono develop just disables it in the editor. Its not perfect and you have to make sure your custom policy is set every time unity rebuilds the mono develop project files ( which is very often ).

Not perfect but works pretty good this way. Works almost as good as visual studios.


Search for OnTheFlyFormatting → Set to True