monodevlop isnt loading

ok i double click my script to “open mondevlop”… i never even get a splash screen never appears in task manager
my mousewill change to a loading icon for a split second then nothing will happen…
i made sure i have everything set up right in the preferences im on windows 8 if that matters…i even dled the most updated GTK. and yes i synced the project … please help.
im using unity vers. 4.6.1f1

this is could be an issue with the installation path to rectify go to Edit > Preferences > External Tools, Be sure that MonoDevelop is selected here and if it is try Browsing for the exe file.

thx u everyone for the responses… but i did indeed try those all prior writeing this…
so before i went to bed last night i uninstalled unity and reinstalled while i was sleeping… and it works…once again the k.i.s.s method proves helpful.
thx again every