Monster clicker based game, need help

Hello, I want to make leveling system for monsters, but I’m unsure how I should go for it.

Feel free to state your ideas and how I could implement them, thank you!!


for example:
if Current level = 1
then Monster health = 10

for next level, I’d like to make it that my monster would have *1.5 that amount

if Current level = 2
then Monster health = 15

if Current level = 3
then Monster health = 22.5

and so on

I think you should create a script that have var for the next level which every time the points get to the same number as the next level var call function that: call the health script and encreased it, add to the next level var more points, reset the point the player have and write that the player level up.
I know its very general but it will give you a direction to start with.
Good luck.