Month must be in range [1-12]!

Issue ID: 1302915

I got these occasional error message today in the editor every every minute. No stack trace whatsoever. What's going on?



Editor log:
[MODES] ModeService[default].InitializeCurrentMode
[MODES] ModeService[default].RaiseModeChanged(default, default)
[MODES] ModeService[default].UpdateModeMenus
Month must be in range [1-12]!

IsTimeToCheckForNewEditor: Update time 1609482023 current 1609479000
Month must be in range [1-12]!

More Logs
TrimDiskCacheJob: Current cache size 72mb
Refresh completed in 0.159566 seconds.
RefreshInfo: RefreshV2(AllowForceSynchronousImport) scanfilter:
RefreshProfiler: Total: 153.708ms
EditorUpdateCheck: Response {"updateinterval":3600} updateurl = interval = 3600
2020-12-31 23:33:37.919 Unity[66411:2156400] CAMetalLayer ignoring invalid setDrawableSize width=0.000000 height=0.000000
2020-12-31 23:33:37.927 Unity[66411:2156400] CAMetalLayer ignoring invalid setDrawableSize width=0.000000 height=0.000000
Month must be in range [1-12]!

Month must be in range [1-12]!

Month must be in range [1-12]!

I left the editor idle for a while, so the context does not seem to be related to the error messages.

I'm getting the same error...
Is it something to do with the new year, because this is getting very annoying(seeing a bunch of errors inside your console)


I got the same, really annoying. Unfortunately this is hardly the only error that keeps popping up for no good reason. They should really consider adding support for regex filters to disable arbitrary messages in the console.

I installed 2021.1.0b1 yesterday and didn't see this error up until this morning (1.1.2021) when it popped up. From which I assume a year-switch-related issue maybe?


I also thing the reason for this error is the same. Trying to resolve it but still can't figure it out.

I think that some method that Unity uses, expects month in 1-12 range, but Unity returns months in 0-11 range

Yes this indeed seems to be the case. Setting current date to Feb 1st makes the errors stop.

ah... its January! (happy new year) month 0, is this actually "harmful"?

It seems to be coming once every min so probably some part of the editor checking for updates or similar. Most likely not harmful and will stop at Feb 1st if not fixed by then.

They could've at least clamped it within the min and max acceptable values if they didn't test the month indexing...

I submitted a bug ticket, case ID is 1302978
Edit: Ah I see @Neonlyte also submitted it, accidental duplicate, oops


Thanks for the report, folks. A fix is on its way to 2021.1.


Same issue after Jan 1st. Thanks for the report!

Same Here, The options always open to go to an older version

you can downgrade projects made with a beta ?

i am annoyed with this bug plz fix thos before new year this error is not coming !!

:(fix it its popping continuosly

QA confirmed the issue, in case anyone's interested. :p


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