More realistic head bob? (Help)

Hello, I’m working on an FPS-style game and I’m in need of a more realistic head-bobbing script. The ones I have tried so far only move the player-camera up and down when moving. Does anyone have a head bobber that moves it more realistically? Like, not just up and down, but a little left-to-right?

I’m hoping for something somewhat similar to the camera movement in any of these following videos:

more specifically, something like this, at 0:25 when the player runs. [DLG] [ Unity 3D ] No Heroes - Update #29 : Feat. Parkour - YouTube

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
(I’m a new coder by the way.)

If you want realism you need to think realism…
When you walk your eyes/head don’t bounce up and down independent from your body while your body moves forward?

It is animations you;re seeing here not script.
And this question can only be asnwered properly if we know more about your end game is it multiplayer etc.

Assuming its not… What is happening in this video…

The arms gun and camera are movin left and right up and down… In a arch (like a sin wave)

So Make an animation that makes there transform move in an Arch Shape!
You will need to add play animation to your walk script… And you should add the arms the gun and the camera together if you only want one animation!

Im sure you can do it all with scripts as well but that seems to me more work to achieve the same end goal!