More Realistic Physics


I have a project where I need to make some physics simulations and I was wondering if by using Unity could get me some realistic results? I know that physics calculations in Unity have been optimized for games but I’m not building a game so I can sacrifice performance for more realistic calculations. I was wondering if by changing the Physics settings in my project I could get more realistic calculations (and what do I need to change) or if it’s better if I use another physics engine, more tailored for realistic physics.



Hey there,

in general yes and no. It depends on what you want to do. It depends on what you currently find “unrealistic”.
It would help a lot if you could specify what kind of behaviour you want to improve.
If it is determinism you can try out the new “deterministic” physics which are in beta if i remember correctly. For some stuff you can change the amount of solver iterations, sleep thresholds or contact offsets. There is also “adaptive forces” which allows for some more realistic behaviour if there is a lot of objects interacting with each other.

To sum it up: be more specific here since “more realistic phyiscs” is a damn broad topic.