More than one animation associated with an object

I have a problem where I created an object with x amount of animations associated with it. I then imported it into a scene. Later on, I made additional animations (x+y) for the object in question and then added another instance of that object into the scene. It seems that the first instance of the object only has x number of animations while the second has x+y. Should I have made the object a prefab so that both instances have the same amount of animations? Also is there a way to take what I have now and make the first object inherit the new animations?

I'm assuming you have a separate copy of the model else where on your HDD and a duplicate in the unity asset folder.

If you make new models and import them unity will treat them as separate things. If you double click on the model in unity it will launch the associated modelling software (same as opening the saved file in the assets folder from the modelling program) Saving over the old one will cause unity to reimport and hopefully keep all the work you've done.

You can try deleting the old file from the asset directory and copying the new one in its place and then click on reimport in unity. Might want to keep a back up if it's a lot of work.