More than one connection in the same time using uNet and UnityEngine.Transport ?

I need when players enters the game menu game automatically connects to a base Server that has all the account data, friends, and etc… using LLAPI. I have done that but problem appears when I want to join a friend or host a game using HLAPI. error: “A connection has already been set as ready. There can only be one.” Is there a method to have both connections in the same time? I tried to make my own HLAPI but takes a lot of time. Another method I think is to modify HLAPI to create another host over the first and not to call NetworkTransport.Init() again when host a game, but is too complicated. Any Ideas ?

uNet is good, but not suitable for any game, unfortunately I didn’t manage to go with several connections at the same time, so I think it’s impossible, so if you want a lobby system or a secondary connection you have to create your own HLAPI using NetworkTransport (LLAPI). I wish you luck and success in developing your games.