Morph between 2 d objects


im building this platform where you can rotate a 3d animal. the player needs to see the difference between a fat animal and a thin animal. if i want 2 morph smoothly between a fat animal and a thin animal what is the best way to do it?

(i got 2 models:fat & thin) should i morph it in maya( or 3ds max) with the built in morph function and then import it. or is there an other way?


There isn't any support for maya morph targets whatsoever

What I've seen done (and used myself) is scripted morphs - storing the differences between the two models and applying a lerped difference to the first depending on how much between the two you are

There are a few scripts on the forum to do it (try searching for morph script)

Edit (found 2 for you):

There is a nice easy to use morph system in the MegaFiers system for Unity, a result of the system in use can be seen at…-just-one-model-???p=596215#post596215
and the forum thread about the tool can be found at