Morpher from 3ds Max affects materials and lighting

After exporting a character from 3ds Max and then importing it into unity, some of the meshes/materials are affected differently by different lights. I have a point light and a directional light. Even before I added lights they were still affected differently. It’s hard to explain so I created a video.

Thank you

edit: After some experimentation, I realized this is caused by Morpher(3ds max blend shapes?). Does anyone know why this happens or if/how I can fix it?

Morpher is Blending your mesh to a number of blend targets using this modifier, so you would have to make sure those blend targets have the normals you expect them to have (and the same materials) before adding them to the morpher modifier as a target. You could export these as individual test FBX’s to check in Unity how the light deals with them first.

If they appear as expected, but the morpher exported on is still having issues and you’ve exhausted other troublshooting options yourself and believe there to be a bug, please report one with a reproduction case (your project and repro steps) so the QA and development teams can see the issue: Unity > Help > Report a bug