Most efficient way to play particles.

Ok so, I am making a 2D game and I have started adding particle systems to my game. I have run into a problem though.
Currently I play particles by having the particle system prefab as a child in the object that I want to emit particles. However, I this does not seem to be a very efficient way of emitting particles . I tried to make a list in my game manager that will hold all the prefabs of my particle systems. It would instantiate them on awake and then I could reuse them anytime I want by repositioning them and playing them. However, it didn’t work at all. I have no idea why.

Could someone suggest an efficient and easy way to emit particles?
Thanks a lot!

The “object pooling” strategy you’re employing by reusing objects is a good idea. If that alone doesn’t solve the problem, then consider walking the Inspector of the particle system and tinkering with the settings. Remove any collision, reduce the number of individual particles, disallow shadows, etc.