motion-sensing development with Xtion Pro

Hey guys,
I just got the Xtion Pro from Asus and I want to develop something with Unity3D and motion-sensing / -tracking (something simple). But I have no clue how to do it and can’t find anything. So it would help me if anyone could give me an answer like a link or a demo project or something that’ll help me that’d be great :wink:



looks like zigfu has a plugin for unity that works with the Xtion

There are a few options available:
Open-NI which is free but is a bit fiddly to get set up: Apple

Softkinetic which is free but you have to pay to get all of the options and probably gives better support:

and Zigfu as mentioned by brainruggieri which probably has the most support for Unity but all the other SDKs do have a Unity plug-in last time I tried them.