motorbike test program using unity 3d

Im a newbie to Unity 3d. But I need ideas about a project I want to work on. Its a test tool for a motor bike in which there will be a motorbike (like in a game using unity), but the acceleration comes from the real bike. Someone is already working on collecting inputs from the bike and sending it to the usb port. But how do I get inputs from the usb to control acceleration in Unity? Thanks

well, if you plan to create your own controller for a pc that's not really a Unity issue. Your deffinition "Sending it to the usb port" sounds a bit abstract. The best way to create an common interface would be to emulate a gamecontroller like a joystick or gamepad. That way windows can recognise your custom made hardware (i assume you've created something like that) as a normal controller.

Otherwise you'll have to write a device driver for windows (i assume you're using windows ;) ). But writing a custom device driver requires special knowledge in pc hardware / driver model / C++.

In Unity you can use any gamecontroller input that is available on your pc. See Input

Thanks Bunny83, I came across this video on youtube showing something related to the project.