Mount Player To A Horse


Please take note I am new to 3d Game Development, although I have been coding for almost 10 years (Web Development).

I dont know how simple this answer is and if it is simple, sorry. I'm desiging an RPG (Throw myself in the deep end, i know.) and I am trying to get an understanding of how I can get my character (third person) to mount on top of a horse, I have read i can use the Transform.find function and mount the horse object to a relevant character bone and then parent the character to the horse via script, to allow for rotation etc.

Is this right or at least on the right track, will the character raise itself up to the height of the horse or do i code the Z-Axis change??

Thanks for any help,


If you want to make it look good, you'll need to animate both together. As a first step, what you could do is parent your character to a bone of the horse, and see how that looks. Depending on how great you need it to look, you might be able to get away with it.