Mouse button press position using the new input system

I can get the position and the button event using the input system. To obtain the position on click I currently continuously save the position and use it when the button event occurs but that’s terrible to use.

I also tried using 1D axis or press processor on position event but they do not produce the expected results (or any at all).

I digged this a lot, and it appears that mouse device is missing a lot of path in the input manager :frowning:

I’ve made a small workaround keeping the input actions device agnostic, but it only works with the generated C# file (not with the PlayerInput component) :

        private void Start()
            inputActions.Player1.MoveTo.performed += ctx => OnMoveTo(ctx);

        private void OnMoveTo(CallbackContext context)
            // Workaround as current input system doesn't support full mouse paths
            if (context.control.device == Mouse.current && !Mouse.current.leftButton.isPressed)

            // Do your usual code here, for example:
            moveToPosition = context.ReadValue<Vector2>();

I’ve also submitted a buf to Unity 9 days ago but they still didn’t give me any feedback.