Mouse graphic glitch in Game tab

Hi guys,
I have a weird graphic glitch with mouse cursor in Unity 2017.3.
First of all, I didn’t had this problem before and I worked flawlessly until yesterday.
When I move the mouse cursor over the Game tab in the Editor the classic Windows “white arrow” disappears and appears a weird square with boxes.
It happens only in the Game tab. With or without playing the scene. The Scene tab, Hierarchy tab and other Unity windows works normally.
I reinstalled Unity and the graphic drivers.
It’s a problem related to the Unity editor, not the builds or changing the cursor’s image in game!
I don’t have this problem with Unity 5.6
My pc build is:
i7 4790k
R9 270x 2GB
32gb ram DDR3

It’s an editor bug?

I had the same problem and found the solution. Maybe @reddo1987 found a solution, but for future users this is what I found.

In the Player Settings panel, if you set up a default Cursor and this (texture or sprite) does not meet the requirements, the cursor will fails.

I’d figured out. It’s a problem created by an asset imported from asset store.
How can it be possible this kind of glitch by the way?