Mouse input feels sketchy. Any way to fix?

I’m working on mouse look for an FPS game. Currently, I’m currently using the MouseLook code that’s supplied with Unity. However, the input doesn’t feel very crisp and I suspect it may be due to a low mouse polling rate somewhere. Is there any way to fix this and make the mouse input feel similar to, say, Quake or Half-Life?

Also, the sensitivity for the Y-axis is way higher than that of the X-axis. Is there a reason for this? I’m trying to get exactly the same sensitivity for both axes.


With the lack of crispness in the input problem, just a guess, but it could be caused by the input not being detected in Update but FixedUpdate. I’m just guessing idk :frowning:

With the mouse Y-Axis more sensitive than X, try go to Edit Menu>Project Settings> Input Manager> Mouse Y> and Sensitivity, and reduce that value. If that value is not working, then in your script, don’t directly use mouse Y input. But refer to that value and then reduce it before using it, so maybe something like:

var mouseY : float = Input.GetAxis(“Mouse Y”) * 0.5;

and then use that mouseY variable value.